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I write Things about Watches, Horology, History, Culture & People

The Subdial is a place for the watch aficionado, the novice and the seasoned veteran. It's unpretentious, honest and true.
We write watch articles about history, culture, news, people and business. Plus the odd watch review for good measure.

Whether you are a reader of our
articles, join us at one of our watch events, or want to pick something up in our store, you are welcome. Our watch reviews are always biased, how could they not be, but we always work hard to offer you something different. Less stats and more stories.

I created The Subdial because I never felt comfortable walking into a boutique, because I wanted to feel like I was a part of the watch community in Melbourne. This is my foot in the door for everyone that feels the same.

Mitch x

Mitch Barber, the founder of The Subdial
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LAtest event Recap

Event Recap - The Subdial After Dark X Bovet

The first Subdial After Dark was a case study to prove (mainly to me) that you can bring a group of strangers together to learn about and connect with a brand that they wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Bovet 1822

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